Trojan Turtle 🐢 (Laminated Wood)

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Product Description

  • ✨ QUALITY: High quality and handcrafted Laminated Wood
  • 👓 SPRING HINGES: Maximum comfort thanks to flexible metal spring hinges
  • 🌟 RECTANGULAR STYLE: World-famous "Rectangular" Shape as well as a carefully selected color composition ensure a modern look
  • 🏖️ UV PROTECTION: Polarized UV400 Cat. 3 glasses made of TAC offers optimal protection
  • 🌿 LAMINATED WOOD: Beautiful Laminated Wood

Product Details

Temples Laminated Wood (Green)
Frame Polycarbonate (Black)
Lenses Grey, Polarized UV400, Cat. 3
Hinge Metal Spring
Shape Rectangular
Gender Unisex
Weight 33 gramm
Model Trojan Turtle 🐢
Other Handmade, CE Certified, Eco Friendly

Product Dimensions

140 mm 54 mm 43 mm 17 mm 140 mm